Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm a bad blogger!

Did I forget to mention we had a wonderful family vacation to DISNEYLAND??? like 3 weeks ago..

Maybe my next post will be what I did for my b-day last month...sheesh!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

That's great...you're 8!!!

6 weeks old

20 months old

brotherly love

5 years old

Baptism day

I know these pictures aren't the best...picture of a picture doesn't look great. Happy Birthday to our little man!! We had a special week...Disneyland, Halloween party, & your baptism. You are so special to your family. We enjoy your funny sayings & love of learning. You were always a quick learner. When you were 2 years old...we visited mommy's old Montessori School. I was visiting with the principal in the Elementary room & left you to work on a continent work. She saw you working & in mid sentence stopped & moved to the floor to continue to give you a lesson. She said you were AMAZING. I know & now you know that little story. Have a wonderful year to our AMAZING little man.