Sunday, September 14, 2008

Line #2

The children love art & want to do as much as possible. At group, I explain that their eyes look right at the lines. I explain what a diagonal, vertical, horizontal lines are & have the children make these lines with their bodies.

I will probably read this story if I haven't already from line lesson #1.

I will show art from Piet Mondrian & Van Gogh. I like to show art that the children feel that could create themself.

On the shelf..I put a work that consists of a tray, paint brush, sponge, strips of primary colored tissue paper, & starch in a jar. With a small picture of Piet Mondrian (model) & a demostration recreating one of his masterpieces(teacher model)...the children are off. This work is very popular. And so it should be..every child wants to make their own masterpiece.

courtesy of The Blooming Cactus Class

Monday, September 8, 2008


Magnetic vs. Non-magnetic

Individual snack table art with punching washing of snack plates & cups tweezing one to many foam block for imaginative play or for the chldren who need to have something to build up & knock down..that isn't the pink tower or brown stairs :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Elements of Art-Line #1

At the beginning of the year, I like to go over the Elements of Art. A few years ago I went to a conference & had this wonderful class...I think there was smoke coming off my pencil from writing so fast.


I do a presentation at a group & inquire what can be made with a line? That feelings can be made with lines. I demo what an angry line looks like, silly or lazy lines. I'll show some art from Joan Miro. I'll ask the children what the lines are feeling???(of the shown art)

I'll read the book...The Straight Line Wonder by: Mem Fox or Harold & The Purple Crayon

Shelf Work: My Character Line Book. This little booklet is in a basket with 1 colored pencil so to focus on the lines created by emotion. I do put a sample of a booklet so that some of the younger children can copy if so inclined.

The purpose being that art begins with a line. That emotion creates art. My next post will be the second line lesson. If you are interested in a PDF of the character line book...drop a line.

You can see what's coming??

He is so darn cute, anyway!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Peaceful days & it's Day 2

We've just completed our second day & I'm very pleased to see the children being so independent. They love the tile side area...Practical life, Art, & Sensorial. This year I have many young ones...fortunately, I know most of them from working in the Toddler room (a couple days). I love the yoga work. It is near the Peace Corner. The children take the mat & mimic the poses.
A special THANK YOU to Meg @ sewliberated...the pictures are a hit. When the director walks by her heart melts watching the peaceful poses :). Also, today in the mail I received my If Peace recommended by Montessori Mama. I can't wait to read it tomorrow. I love the blogging world..what wonderful ideas I've received from other Montessorians. Anyone going to any conferences this fall?

Monday, September 1, 2008

All the prep is over...the fun begins

Practical Life...some faves are on the bottom shelf. There is baby washing & place setting. I love art. I teach the Elements of Art at the beginning of the year. So I intro lots of artist...then I get specific with a monthly artist. In the pic are cutting,gluing,punching (thanks for that idea Laura), pencil sharping, & since our class is named The Blooming Cactus...there is gluing flowers on a cactus cutout. I wanted something special to represent our class. Also, I have rock crayons & rock painting since that'll be themed for the beginning of all art...Cave Art!!
This is Geography. I made individual continent boxes...inside them are a continent punching, 3 part cards, & objects that represent that continent. Thanks Lorie for that idea. Also, I made with my friend Hilary, landforms with sandpaper. I'm excited to see how the children will like them.
Children love this area..even if they don't know how to read.
And of course, the peace corner (more like...area)..there's a personal CD player with peaceful music, pictures, a globe, & a box with a special music box inside that I use on the first day of school with my silence lesson. Tomorrow is the first day...