Thursday, September 4, 2008

Elements of Art-Line #1

At the beginning of the year, I like to go over the Elements of Art. A few years ago I went to a conference & had this wonderful class...I think there was smoke coming off my pencil from writing so fast.


I do a presentation at a group & inquire what can be made with a line? That feelings can be made with lines. I demo what an angry line looks like, silly or lazy lines. I'll show some art from Joan Miro. I'll ask the children what the lines are feeling???(of the shown art)

I'll read the book...The Straight Line Wonder by: Mem Fox or Harold & The Purple Crayon

Shelf Work: My Character Line Book. This little booklet is in a basket with 1 colored pencil so to focus on the lines created by emotion. I do put a sample of a booklet so that some of the younger children can copy if so inclined.

The purpose being that art begins with a line. That emotion creates art. My next post will be the second line lesson. If you are interested in a PDF of the character line book...drop a line.


My Child's Diary said...

Hi Ines,
I've just found your blog and I love it. I'd love to receive a PDF of the character line book. I do have a little question. From what I've learned, the Montessori approach statement is not to teach children how to draw or copy others work. Am I mistaken? What ages do you teach, by the way? Thank you. Miri

Amber said...

Hello :)
I love this idea & would love a pdf of the book. Is your email address on your blog?

Jed and Kaydence said...

Hi! You posted on our blog. We were in the old ward and now we are in the new Mc. Hills ward... so we may not be in the same ward anymore. We were in Primary together. I taught the Sunbeams. I also have child named Jonas.

I enjoy your posts about education and art. We are planning on homeschooling and I liked your ideas.