Sunday, December 27, 2009


It's my husband's family tradition to open gifts on Christmas Eve, fun right?! Of course we go to Grandpa's first & then Shirley's Christmas Party. Then when you'd think the kids are beat we come home & it's TIME!
Jonas got a tricyle & Spiderman helmet from Grandpa...which he had a temper tantrum when we had to put it in the car to go to Shirley's.
Here's Kobe separating presents into their piles.

Then we go around..youngest to wisest..& open 1 present at a time.

Lucky Jonas!!! He sure does love his Yo Gabba Gabba!! I see a Halloween costume in the future with this! So it comes to about midnight-ish & finally the boys are going to bed. Only to wake up at the crack of dawn to play with their new stuff!
So much fun & we hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Show 2009

Our Holiday Show was a Success! If you work with children, then you know that it can all fall apart at any moment. Fortunately, parents just adore it anyways. We had about 50 people in my home but don't worry, it was a short show :) Here is a picture from the set up & preshow. We had some children stand & tell "Antarctica" jokes. (It's our continent of the month)

What is the penguins favorite food?

Ice-Bergers, hehe

There's my little guy..all he had to remember was "Hi"..that's what the Spittlebug said to the Quiet Cricket. He did great! They all did!

They also sang quite a few songs. Some from each month! They are Pros :) Each year I do this & it is worth all the stress.

If you did a Holiday Play, how did it go? & what did you perform?

I'd love to hear.

Happy Holidays from The Blooming Cactus