Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At a Glance..

Welcome to our classroom!
I love this time of year..getting the classroom ready for returning faces & new friends. Come with me around the room & peek into what a day looks like in The Blooming Cactus :)

Hello Practical Life! Whatever the child can do for himself...should be done by himself.. The Montessori Approach. On this shelf you'll find pouring exercises, spooning, tweezing, pinching, for the person (folding, ironing, buttoning, tying) & care of the environment (table setting, flower arranging & so much more)

We Love Art!!
Daily they have experiences in cutting, pasting, tracing, free art, color mixing, & Painting & Playdough!! What!!! :) Happy times! I will, very often, have a special project that can be done ..a craft of was finger painting fall colored leaves onto trees with paper towel rolls.

Can you feel that? Sensorial, it is!
Children get to use their senses in this special area. Learning colors & shapes (2 & 3 dimentional) , feeling with textures & listening to sounds.

Language, here we come!
Whether the child comes into my room knowing sounds or just likes to be read to...there is much here...SEE ..the bottom shelf even has Science...& the Writing Table has fun things to do!
Cool Math!
The child explores & recognizes numerals into the thousands...if they so wish! At the preschool age...we work a lot with 1-20 but it's not uncommon to find me giving lessons into the hundreds & with addition involved....What ! A preschooler adding...You betcha! Why not? That Calendar is where we congregate for group.

Shhh! I'm trying to read here!
The children love this spot...A chair for them & they are reading from books specially picked out to go with our themes for the month...Sept has a bunch of Fall & Apple books...Don't forget about Peace Day!
Can you guess our Author of the Month?
Where in the world?
Last but not least...Geography...we've only just begun..but soon they will manipulate with clay to make Landforms & there will be Continent boxes too....How will I fit it all on that shelf? My Montessori Challenge.....
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