Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today, today, today, someone's birthday!

It's not the pickles or the pears, it's not the elephants or the bears...
Today, today, today, today, is Jonas' Birthday!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our little guy. He got to share with the classroom yesterday. My middle son stayed home from school & celebrated with us. Mini brownies were at the snack table.

For your viewing pleasure...(now that I know how to upload videos)
5 Little Pumpkins with Jonas

Friday, October 23, 2009

Look what's Blooming?

Here's a few pictures of my little's not in order..I'm just sharing.

Here's the Peace Table & Book Corner. It's well used.

This is a writing/sound table. I switch out various writing instruments for the practice.

This is our calendar we use at group time. At the moment, we are also using it for parts of the horse.
Running out of shelves, use a couch :)

Classroom pet, Swimmy & Sandpaper Letter

My beautiful dishwashing table that my hubby made. The children wash their snack plates & we are now using dinner plates for lunch. It has been a very successful experience for all the children. Want one too??? hubby is thinking about selling them.
Next post will be about the shelves...PL to Math to Cultural. Isn't it always the case??? Never enough room.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


This is a fun age. What you don't see is alot of 2nd period stuff we've done. "Show me".. "Point to"..etc. This is a video of the 3 period progress. For you Montessorians. :)

Jonas is almost 2..this week. And I know I've not been posting often...if you look in the background you can see why...we are preschooling it..Montessori style :) & having fun! So I've been really busy.