Sunday, September 14, 2008

Line #2

The children love art & want to do as much as possible. At group, I explain that their eyes look right at the lines. I explain what a diagonal, vertical, horizontal lines are & have the children make these lines with their bodies.

I will probably read this story if I haven't already from line lesson #1.

I will show art from Piet Mondrian & Van Gogh. I like to show art that the children feel that could create themself.

On the shelf..I put a work that consists of a tray, paint brush, sponge, strips of primary colored tissue paper, & starch in a jar. With a small picture of Piet Mondrian (model) & a demostration recreating one of his masterpieces(teacher model)...the children are off. This work is very popular. And so it should be..every child wants to make their own masterpiece.

courtesy of The Blooming Cactus Class


A said...
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A said...

I love your line art lessons - I can think of several children who would enjoy them, too! I've always wanted to incorporate more art fundamentals into my curriculum!