Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Peaceful days & it's Day 2

We've just completed our second day & I'm very pleased to see the children being so independent. They love the tile side area...Practical life, Art, & Sensorial. This year I have many young ones...fortunately, I know most of them from working in the Toddler room (a couple days). I love the yoga work. It is near the Peace Corner. The children take the mat & mimic the poses.
A special THANK YOU to Meg @ sewliberated...the pictures are a hit. When the director walks by her heart melts watching the peaceful poses :). Also, today in the mail I received my If Peace recommended by Montessori Mama. I can't wait to read it tomorrow. I love the blogging world..what wonderful ideas I've received from other Montessorians. Anyone going to any conferences this fall?

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