Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to have a rockin' baby party!!!

Step 1

Have a cutie pie who is turning 1 & loves YO GABBA GABBA

Step 2

Make some strange character cakes.

Step 3

Make some super cute goodie bags.

Step 4

Invite super fun friends & family...Thank you Everyone!!

This is all for you, Bubs!!


Mel said...

Grrr - I am so irritated that we missed it! I hope Roger told you that his old family friends from California dropped in on us at the last minute around 5 last night. We were all set to go! It looks like it was sooo fun - and the goody bags are truly super cute. What a creative and fun Mommy Jonas has!

A Daily Double said...

What's with the picture? :(

A said...

What a great series of pictures! I think I like the last on the best because of the scrunched up eyebrows :) Also, thanks for the cute pumpkin song - I've never heard that one! I'll definitely be singing it tomorrow with my pumpkins (and class)!

Paul and Ines said...

hey edie...all fixed :)

A Daily Double said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A Daily Double said...

Thank you!!!


P.S. The post removed by author is me. I left something out and wanted a do-over. (Just didn't want you wondering who removed a message and why.)

Hill Family said...

Those cakes are awesome! Now I know who to come to for all my kids parties! ;)