Monday, January 26, 2009

Paul's view of what happened when we first met.

When I met Ines (yes, it was a blind meeting) I was hoping to get to the predetermined meeting place before her. That way if I wasn't attracted to her I could slip away without being noticed. I try not to be a jerk, sometimes it just happens. Anyway, she came up to me as I was walking and introduced herself (I still remember what she was wearing, it was awesome). I was taken back by her exotic beauty and from that point on I would have done anything she asked. I'm glad she has high morals because it would have been difficult to push off any advances. I think she always knew that I was shy and didn't have the greatest self-esteem, but she was very open with me and put me at ease. The first date was incredible and we said how much we liked each other. However, the way I remember the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing was like this...
After spending the morning at the ocean (Sunset Beach, I think) we went to Taco Bell, as Ines said in her timeline. I believe a Taco Bell employee took notice of me and built up a quick infatuation. She asked Ines if I was her boyfriend, and Ines grabbed my arm and said yes. I thought it was just understood from that time on that we were together. The rest of the timeline seems correct...I'm a fast mover. Long engagements are for the birds. We had business to attend to. I really LOVE Ines with all my heart and I'm so grateful she let a dork like me marry her.
Happy Anniversary 3 days later.


P.S. I know the Taco Bell worker was "special," but she really was infatuated with me!


A Daily Double said...

My recollection of your first meeting is when Paul came home, and I asked him, "So how did you make out?" He replied, "A lot."


Mel said...

Wait, what was Ines wearing? Don't be a tease man, spill! And you should have been brimming with self-confidence, anyone who can turn the head of a pimply-faced Taco Bell employee is something special! :)

p.s. - I love Sandy's comment!

Paul and Ines said...

Ines was wearing a white spaghetti strap tank top and khaki booty shorts...I remember it like it was yesterday. The Taco Bell worker had Downs Syndrome, but sometimes you can't be picky when compliments come your way.
As for my mom's comment, if you're just honest with your parents, they will worry less. Making out was all Ines's idea.