Monday, August 24, 2009

A good report

The boys really liked their school. All evening they were telling me something else that happened which was nice. Last year my middle son was a bit unhappy to go to school. Well we now have a Montessori Charter here in our city. Yeah!! The boys knew more kids than the other school. Which made it easier for my middle son to enjoy going.
A personal good report
Blooming Cactus Montessori & Childcare ..that's the name of my little classroom that I will be conducting out of my home. I've gotta start somewhere. My family has been great & supportive with this journey. More to report soon.. (with pictures)
Hope you had a happy 1st day of school? Or just a Happy Day?


Henderson Theobalds said...

I love the school already too. I feel like it is a family! And I love running into you down there, it is so nice to have an excuse to chat it up.

I am SURE the Blooming Cactus will be a smashing success. You are a natural teacher and so nurturing. GO INES!!

Lorie said...

Do you have a place in your house to set up? I can't wait for pictures! I'd love to do that sometime but I want to do it in my basement...after I finish it...and after I am done having babies.

Paul and Ines said...

Lorie, I do have downstairs (the front half) I hope to have pictures soon

N from the Learning Ark said...

Hi there, I have left you a little award on my blog