Friday, January 15, 2010

Lots of New Works!!

We are in our African Continent...with a focus on Egypt. The mummy work is very popular. Also, we are doing our calendar numbers in Swahili. Up above is an older child prepping afternoon snack for the class.

We love Practical Life!! One day we grated soap & tried to make it into snowballs (via Chasing Cheerios) but it didn't work as well. So the children grate it & we use it for bubble making. That's my 2 year old working with the bubbles.


Mary Beth said...

Hi Ines. Thanks for being the first to enter my giveaway! The arts? Ha ha, no. I don't think of myself as artistic at all, but I have always enjoyed making things. Usually I get inspiration from what other people are doing, ya know?

Deidra said...
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Deidra said...

Mrs. Ines you have a blog. I love it just wanted to stop by and say hi. I have one too, feel free to check it out in all your spare time. lol

Thanks for being such a great teacher to our boy he missed school today for sure.

Chels said...

how amazing! You are such a grand mom!! Look at these crafts! Kallin's class did the soap snowmen, loved them!!

alankarshilpa said...

Hi Ines, I came to know that you are working on Africa with your boys. I'd like to share some African symbols (Adinkra -symbols from Ghana) that were depicted by the orphan children of Somanya (in Ghana). I incorporated them with African recycled glass beads and created earrings. I also shared them in our local Montessori school with the children. I'll give you my web site where you'll find them. It is

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...


My husband Brett Addington (Paul cousin)-sent me your lovely blog- link. I also have a new blog- feel free to check it out!

Take care
~ Kelly Ann~